Billet Inc Intermediate Plate

New Features:

Breather & Dipstick – now incorporating a bolt on side plate with a -12 breather and a -8 oil feed for those who run a center bearing two piece eccentric shaft, and for those using wet sumps provision for a dipstick.

The underside has also been machined to form the breather pocket allowing further weight reductions.

** We have also revised the processes for our patented replaceable and removable wear face insert. This allows for easy and cost-effective replacement, keeping spares on hand ensures minimum downtime, having you back on the track the same day.

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All our engines have had a 3D machined face lift, we have ensured significant weight reductions by eliminating excess material that was not required without sacrificing strength and durability. Our new design incorporates the flexibility to allow for wet or dry sump applications, and all ports are fully CNC Machined.

  • Full Water Jacket design
  • Our Patented Replaceable wear face insert, allows for easy and cost-effective replacement
  • Solid bearing support for high boost and high RPM engines
  • Dry and or Wet sump compatible
  • Direct bearing oil feed
  • Compatible with all Mazda OEM accessories
  • Increases in strength, reliability and power, increased weight reductions
  • As used in a number of record breaking cars around the world
  • Built under strict quality control to precise tolerances
  • Factory intake port or Plates can be ported to customer supplied template (FREE of charge)
  • Your choice of anodizing (FREE of charge)

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Raw, Black, Green, Purple, Titanium, Red, Blue, Orange, Gold, Silver, Grey


Cosmo, PP, 12A, Custom (template required)